doc_drew (doc_drew) wrote in orlando_magic,

Okay, now that I've thought about it....

The Doug Christie for Cuttino Mobley trade initially pissed me off. I thought Francise-Mobley was one of the best 1-2 backcourt punches in the league. But now that I've thought of it, it really does help the Magic.

I remember before the Kings had Christie, they were always at the door of being an elite team, but were never able to break on through. After they got him is when they went from "maybe someday" to perennial title contenders. He instantly brought defensive intensity they needed.

And Christie's been there. He has a ton of playoff experience, so that'll help.

Plus he knows how to play in an uptempo offense, so he'll adjust quickly. He's a better playmaker than Mobley, so he'll keep the ball moving and help Stevie with ball handling duties.

There's only two things I'm bummed about: one is, he is NOT as good a shooter as Mobley (where in the blazes did you get that idea, cbauman? Did you not see his brick at the end of game 7 of the Western conference finals against the Lakers back in 2002?). Number two, the guy is 34. How many good years does he have left? We're eventually going to have to get someone else to replace him, anyways.

Other than missing some offense (which we have plenty enough of, anyways), a pretty good trade that will help turn the Magic's defense around, hopefully.
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