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Youth movement + free agency = good future

I can't believe some people are saying the Magic are looking bad right now after trading Stevie Franchise to the Knicks.

Are these people blind? Do they not see what's going on? It's as clear as day, to me.....we're gearing up to do some shopping in the free agent market in 2007. Hill and Hardaway's big contracts come off the payroll in a little bit, so the Magic are due for a ton of cap room soon.

Think about it: we have some nice pieces to start with in Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard. We have a boat load of potential in Darko. Sure, he wasn't squat in Detroit. Maybe he won't be either in Orlando. But did we give up a lot to get him? Nope. If he turns out to be like Jermaine O'Neal, who was also considered a bust, sitting at the end of Portland's bench all those years? Great for us!

Since we're probably not making the playoffs this year, we'll have a high draft pick. Add in some key free agents down the road and continuing development of Dwight and Darko, what's not to love? All that's needed is some patience to see how it all unfolds.
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