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Give Jameer Nelson more minutes!

I was able to catch the Knicks-Magic game on Monday, thus giving me one of the few chances to actually see the Magic on TV this year (I don't live in Florida). Here are a few observations I made:

- The team is definitely better than last years, which is obvious based on our record. However, we still have a ways to go defensively. We were getting killed on the Knicks' pick-and-roll, which allowed them to score 71 points (!)in the first half. It's odd, because I saw that last year, too. But this is a whole new team. What gives? Johnny Davis, I'm lookin' at you, dude.....

- Dwight Howard still has a lot of work to do. He is averaging a double-double, which is very impressive for a rookie right out of high school. But he has a nasty tendency to go for the block on every play. Opposing power forwards only have to pump-fake and drive around him. Come on now, Dwight. If you wanna be somewhere between Duncan and Garnett (his own comparison, not mine), you have to stop playing like Steven Hunter first.

- Give Jameer Nelson more minutes! Stephon Marbury was killing us in the first half. I think he had a chip on his shoulder playing against Stevie. His play allowed NY to go up by 17 at the half. It wasn't until Nelson came in the game that Orlando got back into it. He was making big plays (nice buzzer-beating floater at the end of the 3rd!), forcing turnovers, etc. Stevie kicks ass, but he isn't the most intense defensive player. I think if Davis had inserted Nelson in the first half, he could have slowed Marbury's barrage and put us in a better position going into the final two quarters. That's what Davis needs to do. If Stevie is getting lit up, bring in Nelson. I can see him being a stopper/spark plug off the bench, like Darrell Armstrong used to.
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